There are a series of newly published University of Uniformed Services of Health Science (USU) instructions, President’s Policy Memoranda (PPMs), and Dean’s Policy Memoranda (DPMs) that directly relate to the responsibilities and procedures of the Office of the University Registrar (OUR).

In addition to the below links, all of the above mentioned publications are stored on the Administrative Support Division’s (ASD) intranet site:

1105-REG USU Grades and Grading Policies (2020) 

1028-UAO Academic Year (2021)

1215.01-OUR Cross Divisional Registration (2024)

1306-OUR Student Academic Standing (2021)

1307-OUR Transfer Credit (2022)

1308-OUR Student Academic Files (2022) 

1312-OUR Student Graduation (2021)

1314-OUR Establish or Revision of an Academic Course (2021)

1324-OUR Credit Hour (2023) *NEW

6025-OUR USU Military Student Absence form Academic Duties Due to Temporary Disability, Illness, or Injury (2021)

8570-OUA Developing the Schedule of Course Offering (2022)

PPM-011-2019 (REG) University Catalog  (2019)

PPM-002-2021(PRS) Distributed Learning (2021)

PPM-005-2021 (PRS) Award of Posthumous Degrees or Certificates (2021)

PPM-008-2019(PRS) Establishment of New Academic Programs (2019)