Current students, staff, and administration (including faculty) with single sign-on access, can access the OUR's intranet site, which houses various resources relating to registration, course scheduling, and final grade assistance.

If you need assistance relating to course registration, or access to the student information system (EmpowerWeb) please email us at (link sends e-mail).


SOM Registration Adjustment Form (OUR-1105A), formerly the 114 Form, for the current School of Medicine (SOM) Class of 2022, for Fourth-Year Post-Clerkship/Subinternship registration adjustments

Registration Adjustment Form (OUR-1105R)

DC Consortium Registration Form

Graduate Level Transfer Credit Evaluation Form (OUR-1110TCP)

Transfer Credit Course Appeal Form (OUR-1110TCA)

Withdrawing from USU?

The academic standing known as a "Withdraw" is a student initiated separation from the University which could be permanent or temporary. Students can request to withdraw when they are in good or poor academic standing pending the Dean's approval. The student's official transcript will indicate the final status of "WITHDRAW" or "WITHDRAW - Not in Good Academic Standing" with the date of the action as indicated by the school or college.

In the event you need to discuss withdrawal from USU please contact the following:

CAHS, GSN, SOM Graduate Education, and PDC, please contact the Dean of the School/College

SOM MD students please contact the SOM Office of Student Affairs

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Faculty & Staff Services

Proposing new academic course or revising existing academic course

Faulty/Administration who would like to propose a new academic course and/or revise a current academic course listed in the University course catalog, should complete the New or Revised Academic Course Form (OUR-1105C) (updated 3 JAN 2022) for submission to the Office of the University Registrar at

The Learning management system (sakai & canvas)

Additional information and resources coming soon

Submitting and/or Changing Grades:

Grade changes are only permitted in the following cases: missing, incomplete resolution or calculation error. No grade changes are permitted which are solely intended to benefit a student’s record or GPA. All grade changes must be submitted within one calendar year from the last day of the semester/term in which the course was taken. No grade changes are permitted after a degree has been conferred. Approved forms should be submitted to

All appropriate persons, including the student, will be notified by email when a change has been processed by the Office of the University Registrar. The form will be kept in the student’s electronic file.

Grading Instructions through EmpowerWeb (Coming Soon)


Student Information System (SIS)/EMPOWER Access Request Form (*faculty and staff only)

New or Revised Academic Course Form (OUR-1105C) (Updated 3 JAN 2022)

Change of Grade Form (OUR-1105G)

Incomplete Grade Form (OUR-1105I)

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